General Telecommute Faqs

What is Telecommuting?

Telecommuting is the ability to work for a company in a remote capacity from your home or other location that isn’t in the office of the company you’re employed with.

What telecommuting jobs are available?

Jobs from a wide range of professions are available for telecommuting. Such jobs include data entry, medical coding, language translation, among many other professions.

What are the requirements to telecommute?

For the most part, a quiet office space, steady internet connection, as well as being self-disciplined since you are working independently for the most part.

Where to find telecommute jobs?

Telecommute jobs can be found from searching google, as well as from our job boards which specializes in posting freely available telecommute jobs.

Who can telecommute?

Just about anyone can telecommute if they are willing and have the desire to work from home or a remote office space. As long as you are self-disciplined and can work independently, you’d be a great candidate to telecommute

Companies who telecommute?

Various companies telecommute, and more are jumping on the telecommuting bandwagon frequently. However, some of the companies that telecommute now include:








And many more.

Why do employees telecommute?

Some have found that switching to a telecommute role allows them to be more productive. Along with being surrounded with the familiar environment of home, the comfort level many experience not being in a traditional office have been shown to increase productivity. Reasons for telecommuting differ from person to person, but the key thing that resonates across everyone is the connivence that it provides.

Why should I telecommute?

Telecommuting allows you to have a better work/life balance, especially if you’re organized. Depending on the flexibility of the telecommute job, you would be able to have more time for your own personal pursuits, and family life. Telecommuting can be very rewarding if you have circumstances that require you to be at your home more, such as if you are a care taker for a relative.

Telecommute and taxes?

Just like jobs that are in brick and mortar offices, telecommute jobs come in forms of either W2 or 1099 forms. Just like with 1099 jobs that you perform for companies, you will still need to take your own taxes out. And with W2 jobs, the employer would still take out the applicable taxes.

How telecommuting saves companies money?

Telecommuting creates the potential of lowering the overhead cost of not having in office employees. Examples of this include not needing to provide office space/maintaining it for telecommute employees, as well as lower equipment maintenance and original purchase cost. Other savings exist for companies that allow telecommuting, but these are among the top few.